Review: The Princess Who Saved Herself

The Princess Who Saved Herself
by Pak, Coulton, Miyazawa, Kholline, Bowland.

Wow, I took this photo badly. Great book though.

About: Jonathon Coulton wrote a song called The Princess Who Saved Herself, and made it freely available online for people to use to mix, fanvid, play with, rework. My kids loved the Youtube vids. One of the results was this book, somewhere on the dividing line between picture book and graphic novel. The text is a blend of the song lyrics and new words that connect the story into a more solid unit. The Princess – a pan-ethnic everygirl – is powerful in and of herself, saves herself and others too, and makes a few mistakes along the way but rebounds with resilience, learns and makes things better after.

Good things:

  • Strong independent girl protagonist
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Acknowledging the consequences of your mistakes and trying to fix them
  • Hilarious and silly bits
  • Great pictures
OK, the scansion occaaaaaasionally seems a little forced. But I love the modelling of conflict between an adult and a child that happens on this page.