Review: Press Here


“Press Here” by Herve’ Tullet

About: The book starts with one yellow dot, and the word “Ready?”. Then… “Press Here”.

PRESS HERE and turn the page.

Each page has a new instruction, and a response. It’s not what you’d call truly interactive, of course – it doesn’t matter whether you follow the instructions accurately or not – but the process of working your way through the book and seeing what happens is great fun for a range of ages. I think I was given this book when the kids were 0 and 2, or maybe 1 and 3, and it still entertains them. You can only do it a few times before it needs to go back on the shelf, because nothing changes, but I’ve been able to leave it with either for them to work through on their own. Which is why there are pen marks on the cover in the photo.

Perfect. Try shaking the book… just a little bit.

Good things:

  • Series of instructions
  • Simple activity
  • Practicing left and right and numbers
  • Absurdly whimsical