The beginning of puddles!

What: Marking the autumn equinox by prepping the rain gear.

Umbrellas, boots and one raincoat undergoing additional testing in the first puddle of the season.

More details: In Perth, where I live, there’s almost no rain from November to the autumn equinox in March. Spring is long and warm, summer is long and hot. The first rains after the autumn equinox is an important local change of seasons for us, it’s the end of heatwave season and the end of endurance. And it’s the beginning of puddles! So we always mark the autumn equinox by going over the rain gear. Everyone has to have a working umbrella and gum boots that fit and don’t leak. Raincoats are awesome too, though we don’t do those every year. Two or three¬†years ago the first rains were on the equinox, the year before that they were the first day of April, this year they were on Easter Saturday, the last Saturday in March. So usually if I’m getting organised around the equinox it mostly works out, timing-wise, for us to have our gear ready when the puddles arrive. Kid 6 this year spent a lot of time asking if it was the equinox yet.

This year I knew our current kid-sized umbrellas were broken so I picked two up as souvenir presents on a recent trip. They change colour when wet which has provoked some discussion as to *how*. Other years we’ve looked online at umbrella stores and hunted for favourite animals and styles, or searched for boots that match a current umbrella. Gum boots usually come from wherever we come across them – I tend not to buy them online due to needing to size them well, though I have at least once. Mostly that’s camping stores or discount clothing stores, once an agricultural supply store, it really depends. Because the heatwaves only finish with the first rains, a lot of stores here don’t get raincoats and gumboots¬†in “until it’s cooled down”, which is usually after the puddles arrive. So I get them where I find them.