I’m a parent with a background in science, art, nature, druidry, maths, computing, gardening, green tech, foreign languages and music. I used to work with children regularly, then I had a couple of my own. Now I need to keep them busy during holidays, and also supplement their very ordinary schoolwork with the experiences that bring wonder and delight back into the world. I may also be inflicting my values upon them in the process, because that’s the job of a parent and the newspapers would abuse me if I didn’t.

The main storyteller in action.

This blog is hopefully going to update three times a week for a while, with various things I’ve done over time with or for the kids that might be of interest to other parents. There will be arts activities, STEM activities, gateway-to-coding, nature play, storytelling, literacy and things to do with emotional intelligence and empathy. Most activities will have multiple aspects. If I run out of things to post, I’ll stop.

The ones who do all the work.