Cookie cutter colourings

What: Drawings and artwork using cookie cutters as tracers

Yes, that butterfly is one single (very treasured) cookie cutter. Kid 6 is all about bigger is better. I love the spirals and linework they’re exploring here. The pen was new, a reward from school.

How: I’m not actually sure. I was cleaning the kitchen, and I looked over at the table to see Kid 6 and Kid 4 working away. Apparently Kid 6 had come up with the idea and organised the two of them to do it. It appears that they chose one or more cookie cutters, traced them onto paper, and then worked back into the design with solid colours (kid 4) or lines and patterns (kid 6). They were perfectly happy working away and conversing in a polite and friendly fashion with each other, so I didn’t ask too many questions in case I interrupted them and broke the magic.

Kid 4 doing more intricate tracings, but simpler infill.

Extras: This was fine on its own, just choosing how you work back into it was giving the kids plenty of variety. But going in different directions – I could see doing this as a wrapping paper thing – the cookie cutters would allow you to repeat shapes easily into a pattern. You might even be able to tesselate them. As a single art piece you could assemble several cookie cutters as parts of a picture and trace those. I’d be more inclined to take a variety of cutters and trace all over the place with lots of overlaps, and then colour the odd shapes created by the overlaps and spaces between. I suspect you might be able to use the cutters on scratch paper – that stuff that’s coloured underneath but has a black layer on top that you scratch away – which could give us some interesting negative effects too. Or placing the cutters on white paper and then using toothbrushes to spray edicol dye across the page, so that you get the shapes of the cutters white against the dye. Lots of things for me to think about!

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