Mosaics on sticks

What: quick kids craft activity sticking tiny tiles on pre-cut shapes with good wood glue.

Star by Kid 4 (who dislikes things with people in them), person by Kid 6 (who always likes things with people in them).

How: This was a short craft activity we did at the local arts centre’s stall at the local council’s Harmony Day multicultural fair, led by one of their mosaic teachers. The shapes-on-sticks were basically craft popsticks sourced from craft supplies somewhere. The glue is a good-quality wood glue, repoured into kids’ glue bottles for the use of tiny hands. The tiny tiles come just like that, no cutting or sharp edges required, and they’re a good size for a kids’ project like this. She said, however, that there’s only one place in this city you can buy them (and if you’ve ever shopped for replacement or specialist tiles for something, it’s the store you will have heard of). So some careful sourcing of materials for this activity is required. The kids took about five to seven minutes to make their item, it took ten minutes of my carefully holding them flat inside little ziplock bags while we walked around the fair for the glue to be mostly set, and a few hours to be fully dry.

Extras: Doing this with paper squares on paper (as in my previous post), colouring squares on graph paper to create a picture, tiling Smarties or lollies on biscuits or cookie dough – any other mosaic-related activity really. Because this was for Harmony Day, the stall at the fair had a poster wall with big pictures of cool mosaics from lots of countries (and time periods) around the world, and the mosaic teacher took the kids around to the posters and they talked a bit about the mosaics and guessed / chatted about which countries they came from. So that cultural and historical context and looking at different styles is a possibility too.

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