Review – Too Much Rubbish

“Too Much Rubbish, written and illustrated by Fulvio Testa.

About: Tony and Bill take the rubbish out. Then they walk through the town, looking at the rubbish they find until they get to where all the bags of rubbish go. The pictures tell extra stories, of where rubbish comes from and all the crazy things we throw away. There’s no particular adventure – the main plot device is to gradually build up a sense of how much rubbish it all totals until you see it all at once. It finishes a little moralistically, with the two boys deciding that it’s up to them to do something about it – but that’s not a bad lesson, it’s just not a very exciting one. The book is published by North-South Books, who do a lot of gentler stories and whose books I seem to keep acquiring by accident.

“People throw stuff out of their windows”, said Tony.

Good things:

  • Text and images separate for easy reading
  • Limited text good for reading practice
  • Complementary colours in watercolour give the pages a sense of vividness despite the thin colours and sunsetish orange-and-blue-based palette.
  • Several little jokes and bits of silly in the details of the pictures, including sequences from picture to picture
  • Environmental message that is relatively uncluttered (ahem)
  • Call to take action
  • Belief that we hold the power to change in our own hands

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